Máirín Fisher-Fleming

Máirín Fisher-Fleming was born in the dry southern interior of British Columbia, Canada a number of years ago (just how many is a secret known only to her family). From an early age she had a passion for reading and devoured the printed word, especially if those words involved animals, mystical places, faeries, ghosts, vampires and other supernatural beings.  Each new book provided fodder for an active imagination and the possibility of adventures with new found, imaginary friends.  

An introvert from day one, her happiest memories of childhood are of camping trips to Canada’s National Parks and days spent at the family cottage. She began writing at an early age; tales of adventuring archeologists, talking dinosaurs and superheroes were a common theme.

On entering secondary school, she discovered theatre arts but the theatre is a very scary place for an introvert and she chose to remain in the background, painting sets and writing plays. That changed in her final year when she met her mentor, Susan Mackie, and rediscovered a love of dance that had simmered on the back burner for years.  Through dance, she found a creative outlet that eventually led to a degree in Education with a major in Theatre.

Today she calls the Okanagan Valley home, and works for a printing firm. Her spare  time is spent imagining the next adventure of her  favourite supernaturals, plotting her own next adventure to someplace with a beach, convincing her cats that they are not her feline overlords, and laughing with her family.